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Yeah i Saw that happen. Really Glad that wasn't you behind the whole thing.
its a shame that Someone would try to frame you like that.
at least vinny doesn't hold a grudge against you.
Hope this doesn't hurt your reputation too badly.
Hang in there.

Vinny's been cool about the situation and has tried to stress to his viewers that I had nothing to do with it. It doesn't stop the occasional overzealous fan from trying to attack me for it anyway, which I have a feeling would just be a disappointment to Vin.

I watched the stream live, and I gotta say, that shit was just mad disrespect towards both you and Vinny. but in all honesty, every since the nsfw content popped up on stream I've been trying to find the artist. never thought I'd find them by clicking a random link right here on newgrounds. I hope shit works out with those damn imposters though

Very good views on the subject manner. I agree very much.

Actual framing attempts? That just means you've got real skills and some smalltimer's fuming over that. Be careful out there, and good luck.

I think jerma was a reference to twitch.tv/jerma985 and he has a discord server.

His fans can be pretty toxic and get out of control, but jerma himself is always nice and polite, and would NEVER encourage this, but even if a fan on his twitch did it and said something, I can't find out as my phone is broken and my labtop has ubuntu and twitch doesn't work on it.

you can try contacting his mods and they may be able to help you track the guy, or at the very least they can make sure people know this isn't cool.

I'm a sub there and I really wish I can help but fucking ubuntu and broken phone.

Yeah, I know about Jerma. I honestly think that had nothing to do with sending in the game, they just named it "jerma' cause they know Vinny knows who Jerma is and it'd make him more likely to open it.

As for toxic fans, that's how most twitch followings are. Twitch as a whole has issues with that. A lot of creators and streamers are nice, but the way Twitch is structured it makes it very easy for bad fans to get their 10 seconds of fame.

Why would someone do a thing like that? Just to troll?
You made pretty good points.