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I animate and draw and fuck robots. Please don't ask for my Discord or Steam, or for me to draw your OC.



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Stylish Stuff! Take as Long as Ya Need, 'cause Either Way it Looks Like It's Paying Off! As for the BS You've Been Dealing With, Sorry Dude. I Still Think there are Minors Out There Level-Headed Enough to be Allowed to Use the 18+ Features, but it's Hard to Argue Situations Like This are a Inevitability Because of That. Do Whatever Ya See Fit Bro

2. Punches, an upper cut, sexy landing brought to you by zerdbot

Teenagers have been lying at age verification forever, the internet only made it easier since instead of fooling the bottle shop owner or cinema clerk you just need to set the year to 1969
I'd call em zoomers and tell them to be more polite when making requests they aren't even paying for

I'd prefer they actually lie about it or just do what I did when I was there age: don't fucking contact artists with requests and tell them your age.

This track reminded me of Watch Dogs 2

One and simple question: How long does it take you to finish an animation? An animation that lasts about 5 minutes.
And, related to the content. I can't wait to see the episode

depends on the detail.
Hiro took about 2-4 months, for either ep.
But Override also took like 3 months, despite being only 1.5 minutes.

Interesting... speaking of your friends (one is 14 years old, one is 17 years old), what happens if you teach em to animate, write (story), develop characters, etc?

I don't have friends that are 14 or 17.

@maxkatsur @ZedrinBot okay

@KE-Arts Also I can't believe you're advocating that not wanting kids to see pornographic content is discrimination what the flying fuck is wrong with you.

@ZedrinBot Was it necessary to call me stupid? I just said it's not fair to hate all children because certain children want to look at porn. Not all of them do and know it's wrong. I wasn't trying to upset you. I'm sorry.

Yeah doesn't feel good for people to take what you say out of context and misinterpret it now does it?

So to clarify: I didn't call you stupid. I said: A, you very clearly misinterpreted the post, either intentionally or out of ignorance. B: you lack common sense / reading comprehension because, like you're still doing, you're projecting and are unable to apply context to what you're reading.

Of fucking course I don't hate all kids. However it should be blatantly clear from this entry I hate dealing with them when they harass me over NSFW content that they shouldn't be viewing. *Because that's what the post is fucking about.* Your moral highgrounding on the topic is hollow and obnoxious because you're refusing to actually read and understand what it is you're commenting on.

Does that simplify things enough for you?

@KE-Arts @ZedrinBot I'm sorry...