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If you want to try new systems, I reccomend AVOIDING Call of Cthulhu. It's almost as if The God of Madness himself wrote the rules. It has a WHOLE MANUAL about firearms, guns and roses, the roleplay is extremely immersive because the setting is simply a genius work of chemistry, but CoC is way too mathematical for my own tastes. Besides dealing with all the calculations you're forced to make in order to make your character sheet complete, you have to deal with the numbers you're simply never gonna use in a campaign because of how messy the sheets themselves were designed. Unless you want to be a small fish in a big pond (full of giant river otters), you should just ignore (the) Call of Cthulhu.

Farmers were always soldiers. Most weapons come from tools except for a sword. Pitchfork, fishing net, spear fishing, bow hunting, wood chopping axe, etc.

That’s the one rule... no guns and futuristic stuff in DnD. It just “completely ruins the experience” oh yeah? What if I don’t wanna play dungeons and dragons today? What iff’n I wanna play dungeons and double barrel with hollow points aimed directly at your character, huh? Of course Call of Cthulhu is an exception, but you can’t exactly go all spec ops with your guy. Also, CoC, are you serious? At least say CC guys. Anyways, I just play AIDungeon now, because it’s hilariously bad. I don’t have to even tell it to time travel, I was looking for loot in a goblin cave and I just walked on a passenger Delta airline jet and went to New York because I guess the AI thought that was appropriate. Went to New York, fought the king of New York (I think we all know who that is) and then ate a glizzy and died of malaria and aids. Then, I respond with “No” which offends the AI so much that I get revived. It’s perfect.
And, yeah, satisfactory is the best factory game, I really couldn’t 1up it. But trust me, you’ll get burnt out after you see the maths for what you need to get the stuff for the third space elevator delivery, too little time, too little power slugs, too little nodes, the main character is thick and can operate a car 15 meters in front of her and grow her head to the size of a beach ball upon death in co-op.
I’m done. I guess I got excited the funny inflation guy who tried to jump scare me twice mentioned two cool things other than sex and some brand new drawing tablet made with genuine Asians labor.


@ZedrinBot allow me to break it down for you:

Dnd gun
Factorio 3D
AIDungeon dot com role play furry DnD scenario
Sex irl


I talk like a stand up comedian but in text form and not funny, just an inconvenience to read. Hope the bullet notes cleared th

thank you. it did not.

almost 2 fucking years of following you and it never fucking occurred to me you might have a Youtube Channel. That's real nice. Let me remedy that by subscribing at least.

japanese goblin