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merry chringus and the jingly springus

Posted by ZedrinBot - December 25th, 2017

Merr Chrumsi

I really don't use journals that often. BUT ANYWAY

Some updates, iguess:

  • I've been featured as the user of the day on the community hub. o-o Didn't even know that was a thing, was a nice xmas gift :v Thanks, G-bot
  • I'm currently still at work on another R34 animation, this time involving Shantae and her various monster girl forms. It'll come in two versions depending on the viewer's preferences. I need to figure out the best way to share both versions to NG, since I don't want to post it twice if it can be helped. (I'd like it so when you load the vid, you can click and choose which version you want to play. But I also want it to be a basic video format.) As usual patrons will get early access to it by about 2 weeks when it's done.

Also, I feel like spitballing a bit: what if there was a form of 'watch together' functionality on Newgrounds? Something sorta like a stream with a chat alongside. This kinda thing exists on Twitch but is mostly for licensed properties, and it also exists on Youtube but it's usually with pirated work. Since NG is so animation focused it'd be a good candidate for essentially animation streaming stations, and it could be done legitimately, providing views, votes, and revenue to the creators simultaneously.

It'd maybe have to start out small, but lists could be curated and creators could opt-in to having their stuff available for streaming. I have no idea how feasible any of that is to implement to be honest.



We've been intending to do co-watching for a long time now but it still hasn't gotten off the ground. We launched NG Radio and integrated it into chat, hoping to start with co-listening but it never really became a thing... Co-watching has more potential though and it would be cool to have occasional Art Portal slide shows set to audio portal music in there too.

That's cool to hear. I feel like it's something that a lot of video / streaming sites have yet to actually tap into, and it'd potentially allow animations to be presented in a format similar to how a TV station would work.

Judging by the comment from Tom Fulp himself I'd say you're on to something amazing! :)

I’d be down for that, NG would become my preffered place to stream hahah! Best of luck with your new animation, perhaps flash or html would be your best bet?

I feel like that would definately keep people on the site for longer and I like the NG radio idea too. I'd like to live stream drawing or animating or even flash game designing. I think it could be cool to have music creators opt in to having their music used for background or something.

Anyway, dope ideas guys