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Wrist Pain, Ever-growing to-do list

Posted by ZedrinBot - July 27th, 2018

So, around the end of May my wrist started bothering me. Eventually it got to the point where I couldn't even go into a pushup position without severe pain.

I've taken about a week off and, while initially my plan was to give it a lot of rest, I think instead I actually need to be stretching and working it some, not to any point of hurting, but just to help it get strong again. My arms have kinda wasted over these past two months from not being able to exercise completely, and I think it's hurt my arms more than helped. Using some massage balls and special stretches has really helped remove the pain.

I think I'm back in a position to draw again, but I need to take it easy. That said, I tried drawing today, only for a year-old squashed bug in my Intuos4 to resurface, where it skips whenever I start drawing a line. This makes it impossible to draw anything detailed. I swear this happened from uninstalling the XP-Pen drivers after I was done with my tablet review.

My prior methods that worked last time were unsuccessful in fixing it this time, but a friend of mine suggested turning off 'double click distance,' which fixed it. Turning it on causes the glitch to happen, turning it off, no glitch.

So, today wasn't really fun, but at least my arm, for the first time in 2 months, is able to go into a pushup position again without pain, and at least my tablet is working again.

I want to start thinking up ideas for a Hiro the Dense sequel (one where I can actually play with visual gags more, it's something I shirked off due to time constraints and the whole fbf thing in the original), I have a laundry list of merch items to make, I have a list of patreon rewards to tackle, and I still have that Shantae hentai animation to do.

Almost forgot to mention, I now have a method for approaching foreign language dubs of Hiro the Dense! I'll be making announcement on it at the start of August, but I've had a few people ask me about doing dubs, and I had declined before. I don't want people to freely profit off my work, but I also don't feel it's fair for me to just claim their uploads because voice acting and dubbing is still a deal of work itself. My MCN's implementing a revenue share system however, so at least over on Youtube I'll be able to split revenue with them. I'm very excited for this, and a few dub creators I've been in contact with are too.



May your wrist and your computer heal soon