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Sketches and Doodles - Yea or Nay?

Posted by ZedrinBot - December 3rd, 2018

One thing I really wish Newgrounds had was a way to do photo sets, so you can have multiple pictures in a single art post, like if you do a sequence or set or something.

That all said, would you guys be interested in seeing my sketches and less 'polished' pieces uploaded here? I wouldn't post them to the art portal, they'd just go to this account's gallery. I'm worried that doing individual sketches though might lead to a lot of clutter in peoples' feeds.

Usually I keep those limited to Twitter or Tumblr, but Tumblr is currently capsizing due to the upcoming 17th policy changes.

Tangentially related, the Shantae project will be ready some timet his month! I have screencaps of what it's like here: https://twitter.com/zedrinbutt/status/1069426905760194560 (NSFW obviously)



ye, do it.

agreed, do it


I deleted your other comments, please don't spam.

You could always upload that as a Dump. Just put your sketches and such in a folder, zip it, and you can post the link to the download as a news post. Hell you could even pick your favorite of the sketches and include that link to that dumping ground link if you post the sketches. I'd suggest trying not to exceed 300 or so pics in one folder because the DL can take forever at that point for weaker internet connections.

People don't use dumping grounds enough. Especially now, when it'll come in so much handy. Maybe people are afraid of it? One artist already did it in their jump from tumblr to here. Works very nicely.

to be totally honest, the dumping grounds format on Newgrounds is dated.

Sketches benefit greatly from a loose, non-serious method of sharing. Modern social media accommodates that really well: Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, etc. There's a feed you can lean on to share works without committing them to say a gallery.

Having to zip em can make em accessible but doesn't solve the major problem that a lot of people still have with displaying them. Even Deviantart has implemented the status feed where you can now post things like updates, doodles, etc. without having to commit them as full on gallery images. Followers still get notified about this feed, though they can optionally turn that part of a watch off.

A lot of people are hesitant to go to Newgrounds cause there is admittedly an expectation that you should only submit finished pieces. Whether or not this is true, it's what the perception is.

I feel like Newgrounds would benefit greatly from some similar kind of feature, if there was just kinda like a 'dump feed' where you could embed posts from the dumping grounds, the art galleries, or even from other users. It could show up in followers' feeds, and they could opt out from the miscellaneous feeds on a per-individual basis. It'd also give average users (non-creators) a way to share posts inside newgrounds itself, kinda letting them become a type of content aggregator without spamming duplicate content.

@mixmaster1000 @ZedrinBot Yeah, I've seen the comments around here every now and then saying that the work you upload should be completely finished. That is easily an unfortunately loud minority. I follow plenty of artist that upload sketches and such. Newgrounds will forever stay (Unless Tom wills it) a place were you grow and you should never let anyone tell you to do anything you want (as long as it abides by the rules).

On the other front, though, I've come to realize in my time living that people like that really separate those who take them into too much consideration and those that do it for the love of it and keep doing it no matter who says they don't like it. I mean, we can't baby each other. Just because someone is a little mean to you doesn't mean you have no right to stand up for yourself and have your own opinions and all that jazz.

But yeah, an update to dumping grounds is in order. Really being able to dump content all at once without greatly interfering with other tabs. Keeping up with all this stuff is hard. It's difficult to get off my own feed and find another artist to follow. Oh well. Content. Even if Newgrounds has been going down a bit recently. Be it traffic or updates, it'll flesh out eventually, I'm sure. Remember to throw that into the suggestion box for the site too (I forget where it is but it exist). I'm pretty sure everyone forgot Dumping grounds exist.

Do it boiiii