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Thank You

Posted by ZedrinBot - August 1st, 2019

Thank you for the reception Hiro the Dense 2's gotten! I'm honored for the feedback and love.

Just a fun bit of history:

The first one was largely based off of a post I found screenshotted from one of the chans. I had altered a lot of it myself, but a few of the gags and jokes were still adapted from there. Fun fact: the original actually had the 'Demon Lord' a sassy teenaged girl. Other parts of it included the protagonist just being reluctant / dodging the question, rather than being too dense to figure out what's going on. But I couldn't take credit for the gag of "DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT I AM!?" "Uh... Angry?" "YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT I'M ANGRY!"

However, the second one is otherwise totally my writing. All the gags + how to integrate them were my own design, so hearing that a lot of people thought the second one was even funnier than the first is a huge compliment to me. I was also able to learn a few new tricks: the vine animations for instance? Those are totally tweened, and I'm super proud of them.

The only thing I wish was that I could've extended the animation somehow to get 1 extra minute. Hitting the 10 minute mark would've seriously helped its standing on youtube, but I don't like padding my content unnecessarily.

I've been debating whether or not to make a third one. I do want to and I do have ideas, it's just they'd be bigger than what I've made so far. I also have other things I need to make sure I get done. It'll all depend on how this one fairs. (For the record I do have a script in its first draft, but it's like 14 pages long at the moment. Twice the length of the second.)

Originally I had planned to release Hiro 2 to Newgrounds the day I streamed a live viewing, but the streaming side of Youtube was down and broken that day. That entire thing was a mess, so instead I opted to just release it the same day as Youtube. I didn't want to delay it further, so that honestly was the best thing I could do.

Anyway, I'm finally off my vacation, so my webcomic should be back underway in a bit, and more art and the like should be coming soon. I have a lot of Patreon rewards to get caught up on.


Comments (5)

loved it :D

while i would like for this to have a third part,i dont really want to see an animation having a joke that drag on for too long or out of idea in the middle of the progress,so basically idk lol,but i think this series could have another part of it,just dont know how ya can planning it

Oh trust me, there'd be new sources of conflict and plot to play around with :v

Godspeed, you godsend & remember to go your own way--foregoing any forceful paths & decisions in and and all futures; brilliant writing truth be told.

Well, thank YOU too, you evidently did a really good job, at making this second episode from scratch, and for making us crack a smile. People that push boundaries this far are totally deserving of recognition and feedback.

honestly can't wait for a third part, really funny animation. there's never enough good animated series online to really get into so i'm really glad to see another one start. good luck and godspeed