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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! New video, some updates, etc.

Posted by ZedrinBot - October 31st, 2022

Happy Halloween! Got a new video up; was debating posting it to the portal here, but since it uses Hat in Time music I elected against it

I think I animated more this month along compared to the rest of this year in its entirety. Dunno what it is about October that gave me the bug--maybe it's just the spooky month, or maybe it's just it's finally cooling down so I can focus.


(censored cause a lot of NSFW. (You can support me on Patreon or Substar (nsfw) if you want early access to my work or just want to see it made. A new month starts tomorrow, so that'd be the ideal time to join.)

I've also been putting a lot of work into PV02's world. I mentioned it in some of the art I've shared, but I've basically completely rewritten the story. I've made a little master document for myself to outline the overall plot and make note of major changes I want to implement.

Ultimately I would like to reboot it in some form. I don't know if it'd be a webcomic after that either, but I'd want something that both is the easiest to make but also has the most impact. I'm an animator at the end of the day too. Some of the ideas that I've looked at:

  • Comic: this is what I was doing before. Keeping to a consistent schedule proved tough however, and wound up writing me into a corner ultimately, when I started focusing more on meeting deadlines rather than carrying the story. Comic composition is hard, and going from a storyboard mindset to a comic one wasn't easy and is still something I struggle with.
  • Animation: this is even more work, but I'd have more control over how far apart episodes are, so I at least would be able to keep each episode narratively consistent. Big projects however are a process and are very high stress.
  • Novelization: just straight writing would be the easiest approach, but also the lowest impact. It'd be done more like, single image per chapter or scene, and then text there out. Not too much a fan of this idea, but it'd be the easiest way to rapidly get the story out there.
  • Visual novel Animation: kinda a combination of the above. If you've seen Epithet Erased, it'd be sorta like that--mostly static images in a mock-VN style, cutting to animation where appropriate. I'm most leaning to this, but it's also the most unfamiliar territory for me: creating text engines and UI via animation/editing software is exceptionally painful. It would maybe be easier to learn how to use RenPy and design it like a linear VN instead. I'm more worried that having to learn new territory would wind up taking more time than the format would save.

Overall, I want to make PV02 more thematically consistent as well. It flirted with cyberpunk concepts but never committed to them before; I'd want to double down on that atmosphere proper. Some chars, like Gladys and Collet, would ultimately be cut, and some characters' purpose and presence in the world would also shift dramatically. While originally a lot of things also just sorta happened at random or arbitrarily, in the reboot I'd want to make sure everything feels connected and consistent and had purpose. So far I'm very satisfied with what I've outlined in my personal document.

I don't wanna reveal TOO much, since I don't wanna spoil anything. But at this point I namely just need to figure out how I'd want to tell the story.




Glad I’m not the only one discovering that it’s hard to go back to a “comics” mindset after doing storyboards for animations for so long! They are not quite the same thing, apparently…

Anyhoo, best of luck on whatever medium you do choose, and I’ll enjoy your art until then!

Wonderfully done, the music was fantastic the visual was simple yet got ever more creepy. I loved it.