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Aside from the very interesting execution, sharp and REALLY cool high-contrast lighting, and the almost poetic dialog and writing, one thing that really gets me is the audio. I just love the effects you have on the voices, as well as the voice acting itself. It hits the right notes to make the hairs on my neck stand on end.

This was incredibly professional.

This gave me depression. 10/10 would relatable again.

The pixel art is super lively, the color pallets meld and mix nicely, the story feels appropriately paced, just everything about this came together super well. And that runtime is outright impressive.

The only thing that felt slightly weak to me was the long, wordy intro, but I feel like that was meant to be senseless and rambling in the first place, like it was the intent to make reading it feel kinda like a chore just cause every fantasy world seems to need a convoluted backstory. (Still, having that bit narrated might've added to that effect and could've added an element of humor there, like if the narration gradually gets faster and faster.)

The writing makes this also seem like this is part of a bigger story, but it fits nicely as a single episode. It's as if it could be part of a series, be it independent or even for TV.


I like the mixture of media and the idea, the stop motion in particular is really well done. If you wanted to aim for a slightly more 'child-like drawing' feel for backgrounds, a bit more pastel colors would've also furthered that (rather than like max saturation blue for the sky). An overlay of a paper texture can also help with this and sometimes works nicely.

In general, reducing the saturation a little bit could help with color balance overall--but all said and done, the mixed forms of media still flow together nicely.

The big thing I feel is holding this back however: the sound balance is pretty rough. The music riffs are a lot louder than the dialog, so loud that if you have the volume up to hear the girl, the music cuts in painfully.

RandomHero36587 responds:

Thank you for the review.
I now realize the sound design is lacking in here and needs to be balanced better. I’m planning on fixing that up. Thanks once again for your response

The transitions in particular were excellent. Overall really well done.

booksuny responds:

Thank you!
I worked hard on that part.

Slapstick + Overwatch works really well.

well done

Excellent :y

that end bit as well was a nice touch

(iunno what else to put here I already gave you feedback on discord lel)

tiarawhy responds:

Thx again bby <3!

The only thing that took me by surprise was how simplified the character designs were compared to the rest of the animation, but even then everything else's animation quality was solid. Plus the contrast in designs lend themselves to the contrasting themes of 'adventure! action! ... nevermind it's f*cking nothing!' that the game itself managed to create.

Dunno if the vaporization joke at the end was needed. Dunno really what the goal of that last gag was, you could've probably just ended with the guy hijacking the ship and the yellow character watching him fly off. Didn't have a negative effect on anything, though. Well done overall.

RNKN responds:

The character designs are simple sketches since I produced this entire thing in only 4 days. I typically pen tool and make way more detailed designs but that takes me months! Thanks for the review :)

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