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ZedrinBot's News

Posted by ZedrinBot - October 30th, 2019

New animation coming tomorrow! BIG EXCITE. Low-key just a Halloween parody.

Hiro's in it.

The next PV02 animation is underway too. Most of the rigs are made, still need to actually start animating things.


There's a lot to do so I've enlisted some choreography help. It's still a few months out before it gets done / before it'll have its spot in the comic.

Speaking of which, there'll be an update this coming sunday! https://www.pv02comic.com/

Unrelated, I really am starting to hate kids. Past few days a few of them have been bombarding me with demands to make "Curly Brace Hacked 3."

And it's always demands. "I won't be satisfied until you do! / I DEMAND you do this! You must!" etc.

Yeah I'm really interested in making porn at the request of a fucking child. /s

If you're a minor, while I can't stop you from viewing adult content, maybe don't tell an artist that you're bypassing the 18+ only warnings. I'm wondering if I should enforce my twitter policy of just blocking minors who comment on my NSFW stuff. I had hoped NG had a built in system to prevent people who list their age as below 18 from enabling adult content, but it doesn't look like the case.

As for why I care, part of it is a bit of a moral argument, but also 100% of the time, minors who openly bypass 18+ filters wind up having insufferable personalities, even (or especially) ones that think they're mature enough (they're not).

(In two such cases, one of em was 14 and one was 17 as well, and they apparently are friends, and now I'm wondering if there's a grooming situation going on.)


Posted by ZedrinBot - October 2nd, 2019

So, got some channel updates over on my YT, but overall they relate to my animations so they'd be fully of interest to Newgrounds as well :v

The latter half of the video is also all about critique, which is something I was going to make a separate video on, but kept starting, stopping, restarting, etc. and it just wasn't getting made. I figure I could just talk about it however, so I could at least get the core ideas on it published.

Also, my store is back! https://crowdmade.com/collections/zedrin



Posted by ZedrinBot - September 22nd, 2019

New comic update! read it here: https://www.pv02comic.com/


I'm currently in Oregon. Woo.


Posted by ZedrinBot - September 15th, 2019

today's my burthmday

I feel old

New PV02 next week!

also, got a halloween animation idea that I'm gonna do, so expect that October.

also x2, new merch stuff coming soon.

that's all :v


Posted by ZedrinBot - September 9th, 2019

New webcomic update! You can read it here: https://www.pv02comic.com/


ALSO! My new storefront is live! It's a little underpopulated at the moment, but I'll have more products coming soon.


For now, if you're still interested in getting my stickers, you can find them on my Redbubble. Though eventually I'll be able to sell em through Crowdmade as well!


I'm gonna do an update video for YT soon, and I have another tablet coming to review which'll be going in that. I've got a lot of scattered projects in progress at the moment so largely I'm trying to find my stride again.


Posted by ZedrinBot - August 27th, 2019

So, my next animation project is PV02 related, which you can check out the webcomic here: https://www.pv02comic.com/


I've recently thumbnailed the next 11 updates, which lead up to the animation itself. On a 2 week release schedule, this means I have about 22 weeks til the animation will need to be ready, which is plenty of time for me. Realizing how much time I have has been a huge relief on my stress; before I was thinking I had like, 2 months to get everything done.

SO! I'm excited. I have some big plans for the comic and story. I plan on an approach that makes it accessible to new readers too. When the first animation released, despite a disclaimer that it was part of the webcomic, there were still people responding as if it were a standalone thing. Hopefully I can prevent that this time.


Posted by ZedrinBot - August 1st, 2019

Thank you for the reception Hiro the Dense 2's gotten! I'm honored for the feedback and love.

Just a fun bit of history:

The first one was largely based off of a post I found screenshotted from one of the chans. I had altered a lot of it myself, but a few of the gags and jokes were still adapted from there. Fun fact: the original actually had the 'Demon Lord' a sassy teenaged girl. Other parts of it included the protagonist just being reluctant / dodging the question, rather than being too dense to figure out what's going on. But I couldn't take credit for the gag of "DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT I AM!?" "Uh... Angry?" "YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT I'M ANGRY!"

However, the second one is otherwise totally my writing. All the gags + how to integrate them were my own design, so hearing that a lot of people thought the second one was even funnier than the first is a huge compliment to me. I was also able to learn a few new tricks: the vine animations for instance? Those are totally tweened, and I'm super proud of them.

The only thing I wish was that I could've extended the animation somehow to get 1 extra minute. Hitting the 10 minute mark would've seriously helped its standing on youtube, but I don't like padding my content unnecessarily.

I've been debating whether or not to make a third one. I do want to and I do have ideas, it's just they'd be bigger than what I've made so far. I also have other things I need to make sure I get done. It'll all depend on how this one fairs. (For the record I do have a script in its first draft, but it's like 14 pages long at the moment. Twice the length of the second.)

Originally I had planned to release Hiro 2 to Newgrounds the day I streamed a live viewing, but the streaming side of Youtube was down and broken that day. That entire thing was a mess, so instead I opted to just release it the same day as Youtube. I didn't want to delay it further, so that honestly was the best thing I could do.

Anyway, I'm finally off my vacation, so my webcomic should be back underway in a bit, and more art and the like should be coming soon. I have a lot of Patreon rewards to get caught up on.


Posted by ZedrinBot - July 25th, 2019

Hiro 2 will be uploaded tomorrow.

Everything went to hell and back on Youtube so I'm not in any mood to post it today.


Posted by ZedrinBot - July 18th, 2019


Newgrounds will be getting a day-early premier, after a livestream + viewing on Youtube! Then Friday the youtube version will go public. The stream will be up at https://youtu.be/LTqJ5-LOTZs


Be sure to give me a follow on Twitter to guarantee you see the announcement when I go live. https://twitter.com/Zedrinbot

Also, PV02 has its final update of this chapter come Sunday! You can read the comic here: https://www.pv02comic.com/


After this there'll be a brief break from the comic, especially since at the moment I have someone visiting me. Art and stuff until then is gonna be a bit sparse!



Posted by ZedrinBot - July 7th, 2019

New comic update!



Meanwhile: Audio for Hiro the Dense 2 is stitched together, ready for lipsynching! There's only a little more to do before release!

Once that's done, then I hand it off to Strelok for the audio processing and SFX while I handle the VFX post processing and things like the credits. Hoping to have it ready by the end of this month!