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ZedrinBot's News

Posted by ZedrinBot - April 1st, 2023

In honor of the holiday, and my propensity to use April Fools to do weird, out-of-left-field or experimental content, I have something new for ya'll to try!

The Heroically Dense TTRPG system! Play as a band of Himbos on a mission, inspired by Hiro the Dense!

It's super easy to set up and run with your friends, with only 2 pages for the rules and player options. All you need are a couple of d6s; no tokens, maps, or artwork are necessary! Sessions usually run about an hour or two and are just some stupid fun.

You can download the system from my Itch.io page! The download is totally free and includes the basic rules and instructions, a couple of optional GM tables to help facilitate storytelling, and a simple character sheet for tracking your stats and modifiers.

Have fun!


Posted by ZedrinBot - February 27th, 2023

I've decided to take a crack and Blender again. Over the past 14 years I've relearned the program like 10 times, and haven't ever been able to get it to stick. I've made and even finished projects, forgot everything, and had to start from square one time and time again.

But a few things carry over each time. I'm currently working on a model of Curly Brace. I wanna learn a little bit about the pipeline to get things into Unity, maybe try importing the model into VR Chat (not that I have a headset), namely as a learning experience.


Of course it's Curly Brace, why wouldn't it be?

Honestly, this model's probably the best one I've done to date. Not super impressive on its own, but compared to making MMD assets, my last assorted 3D attempts, and that little silly 3D big-tiddy Gardevoir animation a couple years back, I really like how this model looks so far.

I've basically finished the texturing and weight painting / basic rigging. As of writing this, I need to create some controllers and drivers, then see about exporting and importing the model and going from there.

In my situation, the program can be frustrating cause when I run into a roadblock, I need a very specific answer to a very specific question, and it's not to teach me it outright, but to help me remember it. And most tutorials I find online are like 30 minutes long that always have to cover so many basic fundamentals. Those aren't bad tutorials, but they're not useful for me, and they flood the results whenever I try to search a question.

That said, bless Blender Secrets and Royal Skies for making super short, bite-sized, single-operation tutorials; those are the exact kind of thing that actually helps me.

If you wanna follow my WIPs more closely, I post em up over on substar and patreon.

Beyond 3D, I'm not exactly sure what project(s) I wanna work on next. After finishing H4cked, a large animation is at the bottom of my to-do list. I do have a video scheduled this week for my Youtube about some Pathfinder 2 mechanics and classes, as a sort of introduction to the system for some people.

I do have two very large projects that I'd love to do, but they're a bit too big for me to feel comfortable undertaking at the moment, or, financially speaking, are too risky given Youtube's current environment. So for now I'm kinda just sticking to my own personal status quo.



Posted by ZedrinBot - October 31st, 2022

Happy Halloween! Got a new video up; was debating posting it to the portal here, but since it uses Hat in Time music I elected against it

I think I animated more this month along compared to the rest of this year in its entirety. Dunno what it is about October that gave me the bug--maybe it's just the spooky month, or maybe it's just it's finally cooling down so I can focus.


(censored cause a lot of NSFW. (You can support me on Patreon or Substar (nsfw) if you want early access to my work or just want to see it made. A new month starts tomorrow, so that'd be the ideal time to join.)

I've also been putting a lot of work into PV02's world. I mentioned it in some of the art I've shared, but I've basically completely rewritten the story. I've made a little master document for myself to outline the overall plot and make note of major changes I want to implement.

Ultimately I would like to reboot it in some form. I don't know if it'd be a webcomic after that either, but I'd want something that both is the easiest to make but also has the most impact. I'm an animator at the end of the day too. Some of the ideas that I've looked at:

  • Comic: this is what I was doing before. Keeping to a consistent schedule proved tough however, and wound up writing me into a corner ultimately, when I started focusing more on meeting deadlines rather than carrying the story. Comic composition is hard, and going from a storyboard mindset to a comic one wasn't easy and is still something I struggle with.
  • Animation: this is even more work, but I'd have more control over how far apart episodes are, so I at least would be able to keep each episode narratively consistent. Big projects however are a process and are very high stress.
  • Novelization: just straight writing would be the easiest approach, but also the lowest impact. It'd be done more like, single image per chapter or scene, and then text there out. Not too much a fan of this idea, but it'd be the easiest way to rapidly get the story out there.
  • Visual novel Animation: kinda a combination of the above. If you've seen Epithet Erased, it'd be sorta like that--mostly static images in a mock-VN style, cutting to animation where appropriate. I'm most leaning to this, but it's also the most unfamiliar territory for me: creating text engines and UI via animation/editing software is exceptionally painful. It would maybe be easier to learn how to use RenPy and design it like a linear VN instead. I'm more worried that having to learn new territory would wind up taking more time than the format would save.

Overall, I want to make PV02 more thematically consistent as well. It flirted with cyberpunk concepts but never committed to them before; I'd want to double down on that atmosphere proper. Some chars, like Gladys and Collet, would ultimately be cut, and some characters' purpose and presence in the world would also shift dramatically. While originally a lot of things also just sorta happened at random or arbitrarily, in the reboot I'd want to make sure everything feels connected and consistent and had purpose. So far I'm very satisfied with what I've outlined in my personal document.

I don't wanna reveal TOO much, since I don't wanna spoil anything. But at this point I namely just need to figure out how I'd want to tell the story.



Posted by ZedrinBot - September 16th, 2022

I have remade my CSP animation tutorial! (again)

Cause I wasn't satisfied with the prior attempts.

If you own CSP and wanna use it to animate, give it a watch!



Posted by ZedrinBot - April 8th, 2022

I started this video back in September of last year, re-recorded it like 4 times, got burnout/executive dysfunction, and didn't finish it til recently. And finally it's out!

it's about GUNGEONS AND DRAGONS (fifth edition) and how you can stuff 5e into a gun-shaped hole.

(tho tbh you may wanna look at other systems some cause they handle firearms at base and don't require homebrew to make it possible or balanced but that's not the point of the video cause everyone plays 5e and they will stick to it.)

Also back in September I asked for goblin ocs from patrons and friends. I can finally share the 3 second gag that I was preparing.


anyway I'm still doin bunny suit draws for April and still takin friend OCs over on my Twitter

I've also been workshopping some storytelling techniques and worldbuilding stuff, mainly thinking about alternative ways to tell extended stories without burning out. Nothing to announce there, but maybe in the future. (It might be a way for me to reboot PV02 (a second time).)

There's 3 large projects that I want to work on and I'm not sure which to do. One is a large animation, the other is a series of smaller animations, and the other is just a small collection of more DND videos done in this same style (which would arguably be significantly easier than either of the two options.) Makes me wish there were 3 of me. (Note that all 3 of these are SFW, while i have done big NSFW projects in the past, they are massively cumbersome to manage and I'd rather keep them short.)

Also I've fallen back down the Satisfactory rabbit hole help



Posted by ZedrinBot - November 18th, 2021

back from my trip

time to dump some art that was queued to Twitter while I was gone


Posted by ZedrinBot - July 27th, 2021

My 5e party of several years has finally managed to finish our campaign. You might've seen the banner I made for everyone's chars; I did a timelapse of it and gave a recount of the story for it.

Other than that, I've had a busy month. Got a lot of art pieces done, including started a little 18+ side comic I wanted to do featuring Pulse and sex-ed tips. (Currently patron exclusive.)

That all said, I haven't even looked at resuming my webcomic. I honestly don't know when PV02 will be off hiatus and it definitely is a point of insecurity. I want to get more progress on my animation done before I even think about that but even that's slow going. Good news is I finally got the Pose Copier in Toon Boom fixed.

In non-art news, I also started playing Ring Fit Adventure, just a few minutes each day, and that's been feeling good.

Anyway, as usual, Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday are streaming nights for me over at https://picarto.tv/zedrin. If you wanna watch me work, I start streaming around 8 pm Pacific Time.


Posted by ZedrinBot - July 15th, 2021

Got a new adoptable for auction! You can place a bid here! (18+)


Otherwise I'm just plugging away at art. I'm working on a little bit of animation to get some work done on a big project, but I have no idea when I'll finish. Once it's nearing completion, I'll feel comfortable resuming PV02.

I've also fallen into the FF14 hole weeeee.


Posted by ZedrinBot - May 25th, 2021

I made a new tutorial for Clip Studio Paint!



Posted by ZedrinBot - May 16th, 2021

New PV02 comic update! https://www.pv02comic.com/


Additionally, over on my Patreon I'm having users vote on what variants to add to a set next! I'm doing a set of Hex Maniac / Hilda pics, and am up to 24 variants. I have drafts for over 64 depending on what people vote on.

Kinda crazy, we'll see where that goes. https://www.patreon.com/Zedrin

In other news, I've been playing a lot of Pathfinder 2e lately, in a westmarches style game. That's been fun. It's easy to make new characters to drop in too.

One I have on the backburner is a gunslinger, sniper focus. He's a sprite, with a corgi familiar feat that he can use as a mount. He speaks Undercommon, the language of "Down under."

Name: Quigley. Also responds to Roy.