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Posted by ZedrinBot - June 20th, 2018

I'm overwhelmed and elated at the response my recent animation has received! On Youtube it's already rising past 600k at the time of writing this. I haven't seen this kind of viewership since my old studio channel was still active, years back. And the response here on Newgrounds has been incredible.

Truth be told, the project met a lot of frustrations in development, from Premier wrestling with me and desyncing audio and refusing to make links to After Effects, desyncing due to me animating at 12 fps and it translating to 23.976 instead of 24, and the fact I tried to 100% frame by frame it like an idiot early on, only to realize I was just making needless amounts of work for myself and salvaging what I had for a more partially-rigged approach that looked literally identical but with 1/8 the work. I was super frustrated with the hits it suffered to visual quality from the rigging complications. I couldn't fit in as much movement and visual gags as I originally had planned, at least not without redoing a significant chunk entirely (on top of what was already redone).

This was my biggest Toon Boom animation yet, and screwed up big time by trying to animate similar to how I used to in Flash, where you can have all scenes are in the same document or timeline. In Toon Boom, each shot gets its own file or display group, at least ideally. The way I did it, I wound up with a 4700-frame timeline, which was a nightmare to navigate and even worse to tweak audio on.

A lot of these struggles you can't really notice without comparison, or even at all in the final product, but it turned an expected 1-2 month project into a 4 month one. I had a lot of personal mismanagement, but the fact it was still well received still makes it worth it. And I feel like a lot of its success is also owed to the voice acting by Jello, Courtney, Jen, and even Rev.

This was also the most focus I've ever put into backgrounds. There's still room for improvement, I'm very amateur with background work, but the responses I've gotten on them has made me feel like the effort was well spent.

The success on youtube is particularly interesting given how hard it is for original animation to thrive there. IMO part of what also made it a hit wasn't just cause of crude humor (which definitely helped, I'm not clueless), but also timing. My channel had a tutorial somehow make it to the 'animation' category on the front page the week prior, so I had an influx of fresh subscribers and activity on my channel. I can't say for certain, but I feel like releasing the following week took advantage of Youtube thinking my channel was 'active.' I also had done a stream the day before release with a live viewing to test this further.

Or maybe that had no effect and it was still entirely a fluke. Tough to say.

A sequel is definitely on the table, though likely not soon. I've got an 18+ Shantae animation on the backburner to get back to before anything. I also want to participate in a few of the animation contests here with approaching deadlines (one of which is next week. Might skip the first one.)


Posted by ZedrinBot - June 9th, 2018

My latest animation is finally rendered!

Goddammit I started it in February and didn't finish it til now. It was supposed to be a 1-2 month project but like an idiot I decided "hey why don't I try doing it 100% frame by frame it's simple enough right"

The script put it at 6 minutes so that was a dumb idea. Halfway through I realized my errors and salvaged it to a partially rigged setup (which wound up looking identical despite being 80x faster) but it still took me a while to finish and looks more crude than if I had done it with techniques i'm accustomed to.

Didn't help that After Effects and Premier decided to fight with me every step of the way. But, it's finally done. It's definitely not a fair indicator of my ability as an animator but I still hope it's funny and enjoyable for people.

Patrons are able to view the animation now, it'll go up on Newgrounds a day early on Thursday and I'll probably do a premier stream for it on Youtube at that time, and then it'll be public on Youtube come Friday.



Posted by ZedrinBot - March 28th, 2018

(it's 8:40 am and I still haven't slept so maybe some of this journal has some errors or is worded awkwardly. Bear with me.)

So, recently someone sent in an old hentai game I made to Vinny from Vinesauce for the 'android trash' stream. It was labeled 'Jerma,' wasn't vetted. Vinny opened it briefly in stream before closing it and moving on.

Later in stream a few earrape games from the same person who sent him my hentai game also cropped up, and had my name slapped over it. Basically, someone was trying to impersonate me, which sadly isn't anything new. I had nothing to do with what was sent to Vinny, and I've already contacted him apologizing about it and explaining the situation, and he's acknowledged that someone's basically been framing me in his streams.

This is the one place where I haven't actually had to make a statement about the scenario. It felt like everyone I knew (and several people I didn't) were sending me messages on Twitter and Tumblr along the lines of "Dude, what were you doing in Vinesauce's stream?" Aside from that email I've never sent Vinesauce anything nor do I really follow them. (Oh yeah literally while typing this up someone in a Discord server is asking me what the hell was going on in the Toad Games full sauce video.)

I find the prospect of trying to sabotage another creator's career like that to be absolutely deplorable, so I'm angry that someone tried to use my work to do that to someone for a 'jape.'

One thing that kinda stuck out to me though is when explaining this some people started assuming that I don't want people to see my NSFW stuff, like I'm ashamed of it.

I'm ashamed that someone saw my r34 in a stream that absolutely should not contain r34, and I'm pissed off that someone's impersonating me (again). And I'm also disappointed that by blindsiding people like that, those peoples' first impression of Pivot is gonna be from a hentai game instead of her webcomic. (Which I just realized I've never actually linked here.)

But I wholly embrace NSFW art. Which is what I actually wanted to talk about in this journal.

NSFW artists (or artists who draw NSFW I feel is more accurate) get a lot of flak, likely due to some ficitious moral high ground that more puritan viewers think they have. So maybe that's why people assume that I would have some kind of shame for having made NSFW stuff.

In my case, I keep my NSFW on areas like Newgrounds which have robust filtering systems so you only see adult art if you intend to see it, or I keep it in dedicated accounts, e.g. I have two tumblrs and two twitters, one for SFW and one for NSFW.

Most artists I know operate the same way, some using a different name for their NSFW stuff if they also maintain a SFW account but the idea is generally the same. There are a few who try to skirt around ratings here and there, though they're not as common even if they're more noticeable.

The issue with NSFW is not the art itself, it's how it is handled.

I believe viewers should have control over what they see. If they do not want to see r34, it should be easy for them to avoid it. If they look for it, they should have the power to find it. Maybe there are checks in place (such as an age gate) but at the end of the day they are accountable for their media consumption.

People who disrupt this, by falsely labeling their adult art, as well as people who lack any sense of tact and share adult art and fetish materials in areas where it is not acceptable (e.g. in messengers) are where the problems come in.

And you'll find that this lack of sharing tact, when not done for 'shock' or out of malice, is often synonymous with a general lack of tact as well. These are usually the people who act creepy about NSFW and cannot treat it maturely, such as those who attempt to roleplay with anyone they contact, especially in a sexual manner.

And this sense of tact goes beyond just the adult rating. For instance, take a hypothetical Discord group, nobody apart from a single person in this group likes MLP. That single person continues to share My Little Pony stuff that literally NO ONE WANTS TO SEE. What do they accomplish by sharing this, if it's not to piss off the other members of the group? Generally, you share something because you think others will like it--but in this case, either the person is totally apathetic to that, or they have no idea on how to relate to their peers. This exact problem can exist regardless of whether or not the group is NSFW, and whether or not the content shared is adult.

The taboo comes from how NSFW is treated, not because of what it is. Because the taboo is so major there is often an overreaction to it, as if the art in question is what's causing this behavior. The problem lies with the people perpetuating the behavior, not usually the artists or their art. If you're involved in a car accident, the fault is not with the DMV for providing licenses, nor the car manufacturers for designing cars. It's typically one of the drivers' faults, which maybe would have been avoided if they drove safer.

The overreaction people have to NSFW in general also serves to empower people who would use adult content for the sake of shock value and reactions from the unsuspecting.

For shock cases, I believe that they would gradually become less prevalent if properly dismissed when they're not warranted. Going back to the imposter, when Vinny came across the game, he simply closed it out, said "Alright, next game is..." Which is among the best ways to deal with that kind of stuff.

At the end of the day, NSFW artists are just artists who produce NSFW. Sometimes a little, sometimes almost exclusively. They shouldn't be treated any different from an artist who abstains from it, at least from a social point. (Just make sure their stuff is rated appropriately.) Most are not vile people who want to corrupt vulnerable people, most are not perverts who are thinking about sex 100% of the time, we just like drawing specific themes every now and then, and mature content is a means of expression for us.

Maybe you don't want to see that kind of stuff, and that's totally understandable. As long as you're in control of what you see, and as long as neither of us judge one another solely based on what we create / consume, we both will be happy.


Posted by ZedrinBot - December 25th, 2017

Merr Chrumsi

I really don't use journals that often. BUT ANYWAY

Some updates, iguess:

  • I've been featured as the user of the day on the community hub. o-o Didn't even know that was a thing, was a nice xmas gift :v Thanks, G-bot
  • I'm currently still at work on another R34 animation, this time involving Shantae and her various monster girl forms. It'll come in two versions depending on the viewer's preferences. I need to figure out the best way to share both versions to NG, since I don't want to post it twice if it can be helped. (I'd like it so when you load the vid, you can click and choose which version you want to play. But I also want it to be a basic video format.) As usual patrons will get early access to it by about 2 weeks when it's done.

Also, I feel like spitballing a bit: what if there was a form of 'watch together' functionality on Newgrounds? Something sorta like a stream with a chat alongside. This kinda thing exists on Twitch but is mostly for licensed properties, and it also exists on Youtube but it's usually with pirated work. Since NG is so animation focused it'd be a good candidate for essentially animation streaming stations, and it could be done legitimately, providing views, votes, and revenue to the creators simultaneously.

It'd maybe have to start out small, but lists could be curated and creators could opt-in to having their stuff available for streaming. I have no idea how feasible any of that is to implement to be honest.


Posted by ZedrinBot - August 9th, 2017

Wow I haven't posted a journal update here in a while.

I have a new animation completed! It's NSFW and is currently patreon exclusive and will be publicly posted to Newgrounds later this month. Contains: Curly Brace, robot tiddy, and hypnosis. Entire run time is 2 minutes, making it the biggest NSFW project I've ever done!


You can get early access and watch it yourself here! https://www.patreon.com/posts/13759932


Posted by ZedrinBot - February 20th, 2016

wow another one of those huh

I have a Patreon if anyone's interested :V






It's full of NSFW. And SFW too. Monster girls and robots n fanart n stuff.


Posted by ZedrinBot - February 15th, 2016

I made a vid about content theft and how to respond to it. Facebook has become probably one of the worst offenders of this.

Go watch :V



Posted by ZedrinBot - February 5th, 2016

I probably should've joined up here years ago.

If you've stumbled across this page, hi. I'm going to start posting some of my smaller and nsfw works here, since they either are lost to obscurity on Youtube, or they're NSFW so I can't really upload them anywhere.